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My foray into queerness started, quite stereotypically, in my freshman year of college when I was I recognized my attraction to other girls as early as 14, but shoved it to the back of my mind because I was afraid of social consequences. What if people mistook me for a lesbian and I never got a boyfriend? What if everyone wrote me off as a pathetic attention seeker? Above all, I worried that my friends would be driven away, creeped out by the prospect that I might try to pursue them romantically. I decided not to risk social ostracism, so I suppressed my identity crisis for the next five years.

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I am a feminist lesbian. Since I considered myself I to be more feminine I took on the femme identity. In my head, my own silo, being a lesbian meant i should only desire to be with a woman. Then I met him. What that really meant and stood for was not clear to me. To be honest I never really bothered to find out.

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Butch and femme french term for woman are terms often used in the lesbian and gay subcultures to describe the queering of traditional masculine and feminine gender roles. Femme is also frequently used in the transgender community, see En femme. The terms butch and femme often are used to describe lesbians, but also occasionally gay men. Stereotypes and definitions of butch and femme vary greatly, even within tight-knit gay and lesbian communities. It is not uncommon for butch-looking females to meet social disapproval.

A butch woman could be compared to an effeminate man in the sense that both genders are historically linked to gay communities and stereotypes, whether or not the individuals in question are homosexual. For western lesbians, butch-femme has had varying levels of acceptance throughout the 20th century. The practices of ‘femme on femme’ and ‘butch on butch’ sex preferences are sometimes repressed by cultural mores , notably in cultures where masculine tops who have sex with feminine bottoms or transwomen are considered straight and in the mid-twentieth century U.

Alternate conceptualizations of femme-butch persons suggest that butch and femme are, in fact, not hetero-mimicries or attempts to take up so-called ‘traditional’ gender roles. In the first instance, this argument situates ‘traditional’ gender roles as biological, ahistorical imperatives – a claim that has been contested by writers from Sigmund Freud to Judith Butler, Jay Prosser, Anne Fausto-Sterling, and many others.

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This comic is part of the Anything That Loves anthology from Northwest Press, along with work from about 30 other excellent cartoonists. Thanks for this. Were it a large book, they might fear it and that it may contain more than they were prepared for. Am I alone here? Hi, SouthernGent! Hope you liked the comic aside from that!

When Kate Murray and Andy Arnold first started dating in their early twenties, they were part of a tightknit group of lesbian friends in the District.

A digital call to action spread on friendster. It was the very first Manhunt, a party for transmen and their admirers. By the end of the night, the trans folks and the gay guys had made peace, and Riley MacLeod, a year-old, gay-identified tranny boy, even stole a kiss from the bartender. Just a few years ago, the transmale community was still underground, connecting with each other in group therapy and chat rooms.

How things have changed. By now, there are hundreds of personal Web pages, chat groups, and surgery-comparison sites by and for transmen. Check out ftmi.


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Butch women aren’t men—except for the ones who transition to male, Butch is a legacy identity, dating from a time before we understood.

Password Arcade Mark Forums Read. My Photo Gallery. Currently I am dating someone who did identify as butch when we met and recently started to openly acknowledge that he is transgendered, and feels like a male. At this point he choses not to take T but since he does not pass and is struggling with this issue, I feel that the last word is not spoken on hormones. I have been reading some the discussions by FTMs and transfolks on this site and am hugely grateful for being able to learn from the different perspectives and would love to learn more from you!

In addition I think it would be great to hear from partners of FTMs, transgendered, transmasulin, etc. Thank you in advance! Just to be clear – I do not only anticipate challenges and problems! In the big picture the concerns I expressed above are only a small piece of how I feel when I think of us. Hi Zora I’ve been with my guy nearly 10 years now, he started on T about 5 years ago.

As for changes to the relationship, there were many – it’s a complex journey our guys go on and it’s quite amazing how hormones can change a person! First of all, Kris is much much happier than he used to be.


Menu: click to go there! If you know of a site you think should be listed here, please let me know! Thanks, Nick Submit a site! Some may no longer be available! Sites that don’t load or may be temporarily down:. TYFA was founded by four mom’s of trans kids.

FTM Dating Resources is an internet magazine for trans men, complete with written features on a variety of topic, product The main focus of this web site is lesbian, butch, and femme identities, but their personal ads section.

Guess what? Sorry not sorry, I woke up to the rd email this year from a transman asking me out. Newsflash: my not sleeping with transmen is not about perfection or transphobia. If you have done all you could to transform that body. If you went through surgery and keep taking testosterone. If you changed your name.

A Dispatch From the Shifting, Porous Border Between Butch and Trans

Header by Rory Midhani. A number of responses were racing through my head: Do you own her vagina? Is she not a person with agency over what she does with her body? Important to note is that no, I was not and and am not hooking up with her, but defending the false accusation of conduct was the last thing in my list of things to address.

transgender and butch-femme experience to promote better understanding between as transmen or transmales, have grown in number over the last 10 years.

This page is always under construction. I will continue to add more links when I can. Note that numerous links specific to binding , packing , hormones , shaving , clothing , and shoes can be found within the individual sections on this site. For additional resources, please also see the FTM Books page , which features FTM and transgender titles, as well as books about men’s topics such as shaving, barbering, and style.

The Transitional Male www. Nick, the site owner, is very helpful and responsive to questions. FTM Passing Tips www. Includes tips on hairstyles, binding, packing, clothing, shoes, voice, mannerisms, bathroom use, as well as links to products of interest to trans men. There is also an events calendar to both list and view trans-related events. FtM Mentors www. Transitioning is always easier when you have a friend!

Butch Please: Butch With A Side Of Misogyny

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I was on a date with a beautiful butch woman, and I put my hand on the It happened again when I was on the way to a party with a trans guy I had He had primarily only dated femme women and alerted me to the fact that.

Even in our national spaces, like First Event , one struggles to find room for this conversation. But, so, with my recent Mira Goes Het article, I focused on the relationship between our heteroqueer relationship and the heteropatriarchy. Back in one of those panels, someone said something interesting, and noteworthy for its non-provocativeness. Also at First Event. But how do we get to being sexual without the weirdness?

A pervert.

Why date butch lesbians? Why not date “real men” instead?

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